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In this branch we present products we have hand selected since we are convinced of them as active sailors - such as the Boatswain Chair of the German brand OXLEY.

OXLEY Boatswain Chair

Working in the mast – tired of uncomfortable anger?

You are looking for comfortable safety when you need it?

Classic issues and jobs up in the standing mast and rigging – regardless on sea, when erecting or taking down the mast – always worries for safety of the crew when working up there in the air.

Traditional bosun´s chairs do mostly offer an – eligible – feeling of unsafeness. A really and truly safe place to work or seat is very hard to find on the market.

OXLEY has used it´s long-term experience from production of para-gliders to develop a boatswain chair, which

  • A) fulfils highest standards of aviation – where no other product on the marine market is rudimentary getting close to, 
  • B) offering the user extreme safety and 
  • C) keeping highest mobility in safety and comfort when using for a longer time.

Enlacing the mast with the legs to secure you for the job is unimagined easily possible without effect of the seating position.

The carbon spreader keeps the webbing loads to the body on a comfort but safe level and shapes the actual seat ergonomic. The adjustable and padded webbing straps are giving you the maximum safe mobility. Tested and certified to a positive loading of 900dN, and a negative (upside-down!) loading of 550dN. So even in the unlikely event you flip upside-down while hanging in the mast, you will stay 100% safe!

Modern design, highest quality materials, unconventional look, but the very best safety: The OXLEY „Boatswain Chair“.

Extremely light, extreme small packing, practical details, security without slipping in movement. Working up in the air at the pier or on sea: Always the same safe and comfortable feeling!

Pro-Riggers confirming: „… the OXLEY Boatswain Chair is my life insurance when working up in the mast. Unbelievable comfy also when the job is taking a long time. Maybe not the cheapest piece of kit on the market, but my safety and health is more than worth the cost of an OXLEY Boatswain Chairs. …“

The OXLEY Boatswain Chair. 600gr. crafted to the very highest aviation standards, weather-resistant safety and highest comfort. All wrapped up in a 43x30x10cm quality bag.


Boatyard Solutions is sales agent for OXLEY Sails Products in Europe and worldwide.