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PONTOS TRIMMER – Giving You Extra Power

The winch with its breathtaking power from up to 3x higher than a traditional winch can be used on board of your boat for:

  • Sheets
    You are happy with the speed of traditional gear ratios but missing extraa power for the last bit to trim and fine tuning the genoa? Use the additional two speeds to winch in the sheet even under highest load with your fingertips. A piece of cake.
  • Halyards
    The trimming of high loaded halyards often just can be done with physical demanding high power input. The TRIMMER offers the power to simpel, safe and easy trim the line.

When the lines on board are just too hard for you to trim, or you simply want to trim by having less stress with less power input, the TRIMMER winch is the one to go for. Regardless the load entering the drum. This additional power will easily ease your sailing. With the TRIMMER you just need theoretical 8kg on the handle to move 2 tonns.

Unbelievable simplicity! Unique on the market!