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PONTOS GRINDER – giving you extra speed

This winch with intangible high – up to 6x faster – line speed can be used on your boat for:

  • Jibsheets
    Tacking without slacking sheets. Before tacking prepare the new sheet on the winch, wrappings around the drum, exiting in selftailer, handle inserted. TACK, easing old sheet, start grinding on the new sheet and haul around 70cm of slacking rope in the first gear! Under increasing load just change gear to the second where you still recover around 38cm of line. While the load increases further on, you change through the next two gears which are comparable to the traditional gear set up. Most simple, easy and safe tacking in “hands-free” mode.
  • Gennakersheets
    Beside the fact of the fastest trimming you have on hand, your jibing will be lifted to the next level. Due to the very fast line speed the clew will be changing side in such a short time you never can do manually. Simply start tacking, let the kite fly, start grinding on the new sheet. Done.
  • Furling Sails
    The furling in of a Class 40 Gennaker is completed by around 15 seconds. By using the fastest line speed you might ever have experienced, a furling mainsail will just fly into your mast. The continuous  furling line on the winch, outhaul in hand, start grinding and fly the sail into the mast.
  • "German Mainsheet"
    Regardless of trimming or jibing. The pure speed of the winch and line will boost up your manouvering – Racing or Cruising. No matter.
  • Hoisting sails
    Hoisting symmetrical or asymmetrical kites: Piece of cake. Hoisting furling gennaker or code 0s, piece of cake. Certainly also speeding up your main or jib hoist.

All this in a up to now not reached grade of safety!

No hassle to pull in slackoing sheets and lines, fiddling the sheet around the drum under increasing loads, searching for the handle before you exhausted can start to winch in the last few meters.
Simply prepare the line you want to drive on the winch, wraps, selftailer, handle in, and than simply change through the 4 automatic gears either faster or powerful to safely and securely trim your sails.

Simply a REAL REVOLUTION of winches and line handling!