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PONTOS Winches

Handling lines on board of a sailing yacht is the most demanding strain. But also one of the most important factor to enjoy sailing. Especially when trimming sails stressful and often enough dangerous situations occur which could be prevented and suspend by either a much faster or more powerful winch – depending on function on board.

And exactly those situations have been experienced by the founder of PONTOS, Michel Vernon & Darryl Spurling, who specialized a team based on their professional design and engineering background.

A REAL revolution of line handling on board of sailing yachts.

In some very few segments we have seen some smaller innovations over the past 20 years. But especially on winches, we cannot track any major change or improvement to offer a higher performing winch not only to Grand Prix Race Syndicates for a serious budget. And exactly here PONTOS jumps in with the GRINDER – offering 6x more speed than a traditional winch, absolutely unbeatable on speed, efficiency, simplicity and final cost. The second type, the TRIMMER offers you up to 3x more pulling power compared to the traditional winches on the market. Both types and characteristics are absolutely unique to the market.

All this is achieved by an extreme efficient and patented gearbox, which offers you the automatic gear change through all 4 gears on both types of winch.

Intangible speed and intangible power.

The functionality and reliability of the winches has been tested and approved over the last 4 years by extensive use in harshest conditions of High Profile Grand Prix Skippers such as Loick Peyron, Sébastien Rouge, … They all commonly confirmed: NO CREW who raced those serious regattas benefiting from PONTOS Winches had ANY problem at all. "These winches are rock solid and simply amazing!..." is their common result of the pros who also enjoyed the serious budget savings they all had by using PONTOS winches.

At the present PONTOS winches are available in 40, 46 and 52 – which matches boat sizes from approximately 30 to 50 foot.

Yachting World magazine has been testing PONTOS winches GRINDER and TRIMMER. Read the review of author Toby Hodges in Yachting World, July 2015 and the article in Yachting World, January 2015.