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Where sailing becomes passion: the new B/one

A star is born

Bigger, faster, more luxurious: the industry is on its way to megalomania. But young yachtsmen and women are getting scarce. The young generation perceives sailing as elitist, old-fashioned and uncool. Talking with Dr. Jens Ludman, CEO of our partner Bavaria Yachtbau, we made clear “This must change!” And very soon the concept of the B/one was born.

Certainly, there are formidable boats of comparable size. But they either have a high standard of performance, they need a big crew or they are hard to handle. Together with our cooperations partners Bavaria Yachtbau and Farr Yacht Design we thus persued one simple goal: “Let’s make a boat that’s easy to handle and fun to sail. One that inspires passion for sailing and just takes you away!” 

Total experience, extreme durability, easy handling – at a reasonable price

That’s why we drafted the B/one as a one-design class – regardless of existing measurement formula. And the mix really has it: with its genes of the Farr 400 – the one-design class of big Yachts – as well as its dinghy-like specifications, it fills the gap between international dinghy sailing and keelboats which makes it the first real dinghy-yacht. In the end this means: reasonable purchase price, 3-4 persons as racing crew (Weight limited to 287 kg/632,7lb!), lasting value through extreme durability as well as a fantastic sailing experience!

The success of our concept was proven by the enthusiasm with which the B/one was received as it took the water at the Match Race Germany on lake Boden last weekend. And more than a hundred units have already been sold – what more can you say? The new B/one: modern, attractive, durable, sporting and comfortable – and of course absolutely suitable for a weekend cruise. And all that comes at a reasonable price. This brings us one decicive step closer to our goal: making sailing attractive, passionate, affordable and packed with action.

B/one of us! Go sailing!

You can find more details about the production of the B/one at

Yours sincerely

Peter Meyer

Boatyard Solutions