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Boatyard Solutions Consulting

Our modern times and aggressive competition in the boating business require a maximum of professionalism and cost efficiency of all manufacturers.

It does not matter whether we are talking about technical equipment in the broadest sense or complete yachts: complete control over costs becomes more important every day. It can make the difference between success and failure of a company, a product, or a ship. Therefore a maximum of know-how, experience, and understanding of the project as a whole is required in the heads of the team.

In order to ensure the economic success of a project or product relevant expertise in such processes is essential in these times of continuous change.

Professionalism, efficiency, experience, and know-how are of great value – but they also have a price. They are therefore not sustainable as part of the permanent payroll expenses in a modern manufacturing environment and tight markets.  This leads to a situation in which the competence required for a specific topic is frequently not available within an enterprise.

And that is when Boatyard Solutions comes into the play.

We get the job done, when you need this extra knowledge.  It happens at an agreed upon price and completely professionally. Take advantage of our know-how and our worldwide network at the point in time and for the duration that you determine. It pays two ways, as we lead your project to a calculable success and in doing so train your employees.

Through Boatyard Solutions over 26 years of experience from A to Z in this industry are at your disposal for your project.

It may even be that we simply grow together with success. Some of our references confirm this. Only as a team you can win a race with a large boat. The skills of the best manoeuvrer are useless if the crew does not work together. It is not our profession but our passion to be successful as a team.

Boatyard Solutions: together a team.

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Boatyard Solutions Specials

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