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Boatyard Solutions

Nearly everywhere around the globe people enjoy sailing and spending their leisure time on water, Yachts are designed, build and sailed. Although yachting is a global business, members of the industry often limiting their activities to their direct and local market.

And this is not only related to the endproducts, boats, sailing boats and yachts, but also the entire know-how around boating and yachting: Construction, materials to use, technologies and purchasing, Yachtdesign, yard- and production optimizing, sales, marketing and market options. This know-how is usually hardly linked and so maybe only marginal national practical, what often enough results in expensive undesirable developments.

Boatyard Solutions has exactly that knowledge, allotted expert knowledge and distinctive expertise, long standing and varied experience based on close collaboration with service providers, Boatbuilders and Boatyards in every level within Germany, Europe and around the world.

Boatyard Solutions provides you this service as your professional external consulting partner. We give you the advice in the complexity matching your demand – comprehensive or punctual. Efficient full service on demand.

Boatyard Solutions

  • allotted a world-wide network within the entire yachting- and boating business
  • optimizes your process management, from development to supply of your product
  • realises business orientated system solutions for all segments
  • creates market-driven product solutions
  • always keeps control of cost
  • is your professional partner for competence on demand
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Boatyard Solutions Specials